Power - 1000W

Dual wavelength - 532nm & 1064nm

Electricity - 10V/220V, 50/60HZ

Pulse duration - 10ns                  

Frequency - 1-10HZ       

Spot size - 1-7mm     

Energy - 20-1600MJ 

Screen Size - 8"                

Gross weight - 30Kg   



The NRG Laser Pro-Q is an ND:Yag Q switched laser that has been designed for both tattoo removal and carbon laser facials. The NRG PRO-Q supports dual wavelength  so we can roll out the machine specifically for carbon laser facials and 532nm pigmentation treatments or extend to 1064nm for excellent tattoo removal results.  

The innovative design and ground-breaking technology make the NRG Laser Pro-Q a real heavyweight in its field and produces truly outstanding results that will exceed your expectations and will provide your clients with revolutionary beauty treatments instantaneously.

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